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Welcome To
Upper ministries

The Upper Room Ministries was founded as a family oriented ministry with the sole mission to reach out to families with the undiluted and enriching Word of God. Our ministry is centered on restoring families, broken homes, reviving marriages, enlightening the youths and children by promoting the kingdom of God and its righteousness as the path toward salvation.

Where We Meet:

Upper Room Ministries holds weekly virtual fellowship meetings on zoom thereby allowing all who are hungry for the word to log into our open meetings from anywhere across the globe.

Time: fellowship meetings are scheduled at 9:00AM to 10:30 AM every Saturday

Our Mission: To strengthen the kingdom of God through the family unit; one family at a time To fulfill the mandate of Christ in our world of today.

Our Vision: By the superhero mandate of Christ, we have upper-hand in all areas of life’s endeavors. (Lk 10:19)